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Blogging in Trafalgar Square

July 6, 2009

I just saw n TV news story on the Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square, on which ordinary members of the public are standing for a few minutes at a time, instead of an inanimate statue. The reporter questioned whether it was art and the artist responded that it reflected the diversity in modern Britain. Which is possibly the worst answer anyone could have given.

But it is art and the idea is fantastic. In fact, it is very fitting for the world of Web 2.0. Websites, blogging, social networking, multiplayer games…they all provide opportunities for ordinary members of the public to express themselves in the public space of the internet. Likewise, this fourth plinth is a platform for ordinary members of public to express themselves in a real life public space. Furthermore, the constantly changing person on the plinth reflects how the modern world is more obviously constantly changing, with 24 hour news, easy to edit blogs and “What am I doing?” updates.

This is definitely something I am going to check out tomorrow after my interview.