About Lowsaltfoods

What is LowSaltFoods?

It’s a blog. With a WordPress doman name, what else could it be? The main focus will be my struggles in unemployment, with job hunting and motivation, etc, although I will write about other stuff.

Why LowSaltFoods?

The truth is that LowSaltFoods was originally meant to be an online information portal for low salt food (funnily enough). I set up the WordPress account and started doing some research – then got bored with the whole idea. Unfortunately, I was stuck with the name of LowSaltFoods. There’s a lesson in this kids: don’t create your website until you have done your research.

Who is LowSaltFoods?

Nice try, but my name is nowhere near as interesting as what I have to say. You can call me LSF.

Where is LowSaltFoods based?

London is my playground. I have worked and studied all over the city.

When was LowSaltFoods created?

I came up with the idea for LowSaltFood just over a month ago.

How much more do you want you know?

If you want to know anything else, please feel free to drop a question in the comments section and I shall endeavour to answer (as far as appropriate).


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