Is this the Holy Grail of JSA?

I finally had my initial assessment with Employer Engagement regarding a place on the New Deal for Professionals programme. The consultant/adviser that I met was very understanding and encouraging. She clearly knew what she was doing and knew the right questions to ask. The great thing about this particular programme is that it involves a 13 week work placement, minimum of a couple of days per week. It’s up to me to provide them with a list of small to medium sized companies for whom I would be interested in working. They then contact the companies and to secure a placement. Even better, I can save time by using the voluntary work that I am currently doing as the “work placement”. In other words, for 13 weeks or so, the Job Centre Plus Service is precisely tailored to my needs.


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2 Responses to “Is this the Holy Grail of JSA?”

  1. lowsaltfoods Says:

    Not at all – in addition to the “work placement”, there is a workbook to be completed in my own time at home, but this is really easy and useful as it comprises exercises to facilitate the job hunting process. Job hunting is done at home. I do need to meet up with the consultant every two weeks and I think there is a Friday surgery where was can meet up with other professional jobseekers, but they are up to an hour.

    I have never been against the principle of welfare to work or New Deal, i am against a one-size-fits-all rulebook. So, as a graduate with internet access at home, being able to undertake some kind of work placement in my chosen field a couple of days a week is preferable to attending a special centre for pointless training and job hunting facilities five days a week.

    The two week Gateway course is mandatory but its completely unsuitable for someone with a university level qualification or from a professional/management background. A JCP personal adviser should not be a euphemism. Targets to get claimants through JSA and/or New Deal are counterproductive. There is nothing wrong with getting people into work but JCP has to provide sufficient support to people to find work that makes use of their skills and experience. Job hunting is difficult enough as it is but it takes as long as it takes.

  2. New Deal Scandal Says:

    It is absolutely no different to New Deal?

    Do you have to attend the rest of the week?

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