A word from my MP

Back in March, when I first encountered problems with the Job Centre Plus, I wrote to my MP. He wrote to the then DWP minister Tony McNulty and received what turned out to be a standard reply. I immediately wrote back to my MP in June and below is an extract from his reply.

“I and my Liberal Democrat colleagues believe that Job Centre Plus staff should be empowered to help customers as and when they need it, not according to a centrally determined timetable or procedure. The process by which job seekers are categorised results in many receiving the kind of inappropriate training you have described to me. In brief, the program is inflexible and quite ineffective.

“You clearly demonstrate that, despite Tony McNulty’s protestations to the contrary, the service you have received from Job Centre Plus has not been tailored to your needs. Requiring that you attend courses irrelevant to your job search in lieu of pursuing useful volunteer opportunity seems to run counter to the stated objectives of the New Deal program. I have written to Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP, raising this point with her, and inquiring how Job Centre Plus intends to better tailor its services to individual needs, especially the needs of professionals like you.”

Part of me is a bit worried because since I wrote to my MP, I have been made aware of no less than four programmes aimed at professionals. Nevertheless, my original criticisms do still apply.


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