Twittering away the time

Finally, I have an excuse to be Twittering away my time. An online jobsite has launched a Job alerts service via Twitter.  Now all they need is a facility to apply for jobs using the same and job hunting would not be so mundane and time consuming.

I say, if recruiters were forced to be summarise job descriptions in 140 characters, there’d be a lot less jargon.


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3 Responses to “Twittering away the time”

  1. Ipswich Unemployed Action Says:

    Exactly, I agree. OMG, you wont believe how much traffic my blogs got yesterday because of the new deal scandal. I reported on my newer one (not Ipswich Unemployed Action) about it doubling on news of the new deal fraud, but since has increase 10 times! The other blog is also doing as well.

  2. lowsaltfoods Says:

    Like with everything, there are constructive uses of Twitter and completely pointless uses. I currently volunteer for a charity, so i have seen first hand how great Twitter can be to promote a service is used properly (in its capacity as micro-blogging site.) However, what is important is that the Twitterer – just like any blogger – has to have something to say.

    So, highlighting the flaws in Job Centre Plus and New Deal would be constructive use or telling people about jobs out there (particularly now) would be good – merely telling people about your own job hunt is more questionable.

  3. Ipswich Unemployed Action Says:

    Whats the big deal with twitter anyway it is hardly anything significantly great?

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