Innocent until proven guilty

I’ve been seeing the “news” all over the blogs and Twitter that Jordan Chandler, the 13 year old who originally accused the King of Pop of sexually abusing him, lied, under pressure from his father Evan Chandler. I never believed the accusations of Michael Jackson’s guilt. I am not usually so cavalier about internet facts but I got too excited this time around. Thanks though to some fellow surfers, who have commented, I do not know whether the news story is true.

I want it to be true. On the one hand, it matters because if Jordan Chandler lied, what he did was wrong and he should be punished. But it’s important to bear in mind that he was a kid. We were all kids once and we know that parents always hold a degree of power over us, which never really disappears.  Most of the time, it’s why we behave well, are nice to others, did well at school, keep in touch with our culture and are generally good citizens. But, some parents abuse this power for the own ends, for sexual gratification or relieve stress. If this story is true, Evan Chandler abused his position as parent in getting his son to lie to defame a reputation and to exploit for money. It could be argued that Evan Chandler is a child abuser.

On the other hand, whether Jordan Chandler lied or not, doesn’t really matter. Michael Jackson has never been convicted in a court of law of child abuse. So, as far as I am concerned, he is innocent.


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10 Responses to “Innocent until proven guilty”

  1. Harold Says:

    The MJ defenders are so inconsistent.

    On the one hand, they would paint him as this childlike person who just happened to sleep in the same bed with boys.

    On the other hand, they defend the fact that he had pornographic magazines (not 1 or 2— 70!), and books with nude boys and homosexuals playing with each other.

    So which is it? Is he a sexual person with porn and nude pictures of boys? Or is he a childlike person who never had sexual thoughts despite sleeping in the same bed with boys in private rooms.

    His own defense attorney in 1993 admitted he slept in the same bed with Jordan Chandler for 30 days in a row!!!

  2. Harold Says:

    I am always so curious why people are so quick to defend a man in his 40s who was obviously mentally disturbed, lied on many occasions, dodged direct questions about molestation, addicted to drugs and plastic surgery, took an unnatural interest in young boys – especially from broken homes or who were victims of disease.

    Remember the Catholic Priests who molested boys? They didn’t molest ALL the boys that came to see them. However, that doesn’t mean they did not molest some.

    MJ was acquitted, but was accused by three boys (at least) of molestation. He also was accused by other witnesses. I guess it is all just an agenda, huh? (sarcasm) An agenda, that for some reason, no other celebrity has been subjected to. I guess they all want to pick on Michael for some unexplained reason. Must be all that money he gives to charity (sarcasm).

    Note: MJ is not the first guilty person to be found not guilty (think OJ).

    • lowsaltfoods Says:

      Hold on, OJ Simpson was found not guilty of the murders of his ex-wife and her friend. He was found guilty several years later of robbery. They are two completely different crimes and the facts of the cases were completely different. It does not rationally or logically follow from his conviction for the latter that he is guilty for the former (or vice versa).

      As for Michael Jackson – yes, he was accused of certain crimes, yes, certain aspects of his behaviour do point towards guilt (the payoff, the sleeping in the same bed as children), but none of them amount to a smoking gun. I don’t think there is any particular agenda to discredit MJ but none of the evidence was strong enough for a jury to find him guilty. One can cast doubts on the words of MJ or his accusers in every day life but when one refuses to accept the decision of a court (particularly in Western democracies), then it’s one step on the road towards anarchy.

      Yes, courts have made mistakes. But the decision stands until it is show to be wrong. The courts are innocent until proven guilty.

      The alternative: guilty until proven innocent – is that what you want?

      Finally, Michael Jackson himself admitted that he slept in the same bed with children in his TV interview with Martin Bashir. Why would he admit to that if he was abusing them, given all the allegations that had been flying around over the years?

      • Ipswich Unemployed Action Says:

        1) Lets remember MJ was the largest music legend the world has ever seen. Don’t want to upset other fans such as Elvis and Sinatra.

        If you were world renowned as a global superstar and someone make such an allegation you would use your money to prevent the bad press. For example, many people believe MJ is guilty due to press coverage of rumours, hearsay and unsubstantiated claims – there were no significant evidence and he had his innocence proven by a court of law. So the previous case of child abuse – would you let the press damage your name (the MJ tributes on news all mentioned the child abuse allegations for example) or be forced to match the financial demands of the accuser?

        Looking back I think his decision to protect his name was a good one – newspapers love scandals etc. they create in most cases due to it get people buying them – most newspapers who branded him a sick monster had around 20 pages dedicated to him on news of his death. Why the change of heart? Change of market tactics!

        Yes, it wasn’t MJ who suggest the money like a bribe, but an agreement initiated by the accusers. Why would the parents of any child rather ask money from a paedo rather than get him stuck behind bars for the child abuse to their son/daughter? The answer is obvious, because he isn’t one.

        2) I recall the fact that MJ owned porn magazines (all legal of course) was a major element in the child abuse scandal – since when can’t MJ, who is well over the age of 18 and 21, own a porno magazine?

        3) To the best of my knowledge, and I didn’t record that programme even though I did watch it, MJ admitted to allowing children to sleep in his bed – he later went to say that he then slept on the floor. The child requested and he allowed – I presume the bed is bigger and more comfortable than those in the other rooms or something. There were other rooms where the children could have slept but in this instance no misconduct occurred and they didn’t share the bed. I am sure there were allegations that this did happen but there is no evidence to suggest this and of course MJ isn’t the sole adult on the premises at any one time.

  3. Ipswich Unemployed Action Says:

    I have always believed he was innocent. He was just an easy target. It is all about appearance and discrimination. Where most of the world are cool with black people and white people… people still not grasped the concept that regardless of the appearance of someone doesn’t justify the rumours of abuse. He was black, he is now white, I am not racist I am cool with that.

    Think about it… what other pop star or celeb anywhere near as big as MJ actually provided so much for cancer children? yes, they all pose for pictures at glamorous award ceremonies etc. for a “cause” and do charity events, but without the cameras and press what star would actually spend time with terminally ill children at a funfair?

    To an adult that might not sound the best thing in the world but surely for a child who has a limited life there is nothing better.

    Fake article or not, if the allegations were true do you aim for an out of court settlement or do you want to see someone behind bars where they can’t harm other children? They were clearly after the money.

  4. Stomp Stomp Stomp Says:

    NP. Good luck with your job-hunt BTW 🙂

  5. lowsaltfoods Says:

    Thanks guys for letting me know

  6. vpjayant Says:

    This never happened. All of these details come from a fake article that was written in order to generate hits on a website.

  7. Stomp Stomp Stomp Says:

    This was exposed as a hoax two days ago, which is why no credible news source has covered it. HTH.

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