Going over to the dark side…almost

Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Mostly, that’s been because I am actually applying for jobs and don’t want to waste time blogging. Then, I get demotivated and frustrated from the lack of response and end up wasting time surfing the web for looking for decent porn. (Actually, it is a waste of time looking for decent port on the internet – because there isn’t any.)

Anyway, it’s occurred to me over the many months of unemployment that the only organisation recruiting in these economic times is the Department for Work and Pensions, mainly to deal with the resulting upsurge in claimants. Yes, I may have issues about Job Centre Plus and the way they do things, but I do want a job and if they are the only people offering, it would be churlish to say no. Who knows, I might actually be able to do some good with my experience.

It must be competitive though. The first two times I applied, I didn’t get past the application stage. The third time, I actually got an interview, for a personal adviser position. I was so excited and actually started picturing myself as a personal adviser. After having some mock interview practice with a friend and really practising my competencies, I felt quietly confident. Indeed, at the interview, one of the recruitment agency staff observed that I looked calm – but that was down to Jesus. She also said I was dressed really smart – thanks to BHS. I felt the interview went ok.

Unfortunately, within a couple of days, they informed me that I was not successful. Still, I am not worried. I have two more interviews lined up anyway.


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5 Responses to “Going over to the dark side…almost”

  1. Survive Unemployment Says:

    Nothing wrong with a little porn. Applying for jobs is a waste of time from what I can tell. The only way to make it seems to be putting your skills to work for yourself by starting your own business. Hope this encourages you a bit. Have a nice day.

  2. Ipswich Unemployed Action Says:

    hehe, now strangely I woke up around the time you posted that lol

  3. lowsaltfoods Says:

    Hey, I’m not stupid…if people want sex and religion, i am happy to comply LOL.

  4. Ipswich Unemployed Action Says:

    Porn hey? I bet that keyword and Jesus got most of the hits to this article lol

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