Back to the Job Centre

Having been unemployed and signing on for almost six months, I was put onto the New Deal programme, initially for a two week introductory course. I use the word “course” in the most liberal sense possibly – there was two days of CV writing and interview skills and the rest of time was spent on the computers, going through papers and looking for jobs. I ended up having an argument with my “Personal Adviser” (again used in the most liberal sense) when I wanted to some extra voluntary work.  All he could say was that those were the rules. This led me to rushing out and getting some casual work as a telephone researcher, so that I could have the flexibility to look for jobs and undertake voluntary work as well as have an income. Of course, after about three weeks, the work dried up. After about another month, I crawled back to the Job Centre, tail between my legs, to sign back on. And off course, I start again from where I left off – another pointless programme.


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3 Responses to “Back to the Job Centre”

  1. Ipswich Unemployed Action Says:

    Yeah, I felt the same at one point – was worrying that it was just me.. found out it wasn’t, co-founded Ipswich Unemployed Action and found out it is a national issue. I am glad the links were of some use.

    It has been announced that A4e and 2 other providers are under a DWP fraud probe. Details can be found at

  2. lowsaltfoods Says:

    Thanks Dan for the commenting. These are really interesting links. Its good to know that its not just me.

  3. Dan Says:

    New Deal hey? A couple of pointers from a group called Ipswich Unemployed Action:

    1) A rough guideline on New Deal programme content: This is based around a local provider however apart from the commentry the quotes are relevant nationwide.

    2) Legal issues regarding the Jobcentre Plus New Deal training providers. 90% of demands from training providers are non-enforceable however will still get you exited.

    From another group…

    3) Information on New Deal. Including a provider who failed all terms of the contract and still received over £2 million. MP expenses?! New Deal is the largest scandal…

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