Credit Crunch Medly (To the tune of the Halifax song ads)

(To the tune of the original advert based on Tom Jones “Sex Bomb”)

Maybe I’m a banker whose completely obsessed
Got a little something I have to confess
This risky lending had a horrible ending
with a very, very sticky mess.
Now you probably think it’s all to tough to change
Those debt-backed securities to be rearranged,
So don’t worry your head, you know who you can trust
You can leave the whole thing to us.
Extra, Extra, my bonus is worth more
than all the wages of the entire shop floor
Extra, Extra, my pension is grand,
more noughts than there are grains of sand.

(To the tune of the advert based on Beach boys “Something Good”)

Woke up this morning feeling fine
We’ve a great idea that will blow your mind
We owe 60 times more than anyone could
Something tells me we’re into something good.
We’re the government who gives its banks a hand,
so that you can put your head back in the sand
we owe 60 times more that anyone should
Something tells me we’re into something good.
Our economic policy won’t let you down,
If I’m telling you a lie, then my name ain’t Brown
Our bank execs get extra, you know that it’s true,
We like to make it look like we know what to do.


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